With the most sophisticated and contemporary window treatments available, Silent Gliss offers a domestic product with Swiss ingenuity. 

In 1952, the brilliant idea of a Swiss engineer to develop the first silent curtain track system led to the foundation of Silent Gliss. "Silent" meaning without sound and "Gliss" short for a musical term "glissando", the sliding from one note to the next. 
After the first "silent" curtain track, Silent Gliss designed tracks that could be curved and was the first to electrically operate curtains via push-button control.  


Today Silent Gliss offers an array of window treatments.


At the very heart of its core is innovation inspired and driven by customer needs. The reputation of Silent Gliss in satisfying the high expectations of our clients is not something that can simply be achieved overnight. 


We are proud to be in the USA while maintaining the Swiss quality we're known and trusted for.

Silent Gliss Inc.

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