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Why Buy Silent Gliss?

Silent Gliss has always been a pioneer in the industry. With over a half centery of experience we have learned a great deal. Our comitment to evolving with the market has allowed us to become well known throughout the industry, an intigral part of our growth into the inovative company we are today.


Product Guarantee


Product Testing


All of our systems are tested 10,000 times before being launched. This is why we are confident in our 5 year guarantee on finished product. 


Swiss Ingenuity  


Our Swiss made mechanisms and engineered motors are exceptional due to their clock like precission. We are currently the only ones in the market able to have up to 30 Meters (98 Feet) of a one directional single motorized track.


Safety Standard Certification


Silent Gliss first achieved this certification in October 1990 to the old standard BS 5750:1987. Most items required for the standard already existed but were re-examined and put into the logical framework of BS 5750.

The system is audited twice a year by an outside company, in our case, by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI), one of the largest in the world and specialists in certifying companies involved in industrial processes and production.This system is re-examined in detail every 3 years, and re-certified to the latest standard.


These re-certifications took place in:

  • 1993 (BS5750:1987)

  • 1996 (change to BS:EN:ISO9002:1994)

  • 1999 (ISO9002:1994)

  • 2002 (change to BS:EN:ISO9001:2000)

  • 2005 (BS:EN:ISO9001:2000)

  • 2008 (BS:EN:ISO9001:2008)

  • 2011 (BS:EN:ISO9001:2008)


That's Not Enough?​


If that's not enough then we'd like to tell you a little more. We have an extensive fabric collection. Each collection is sectioned off for its technical capabilities.

For example:

Alu -  A transparent & opaque  fabric collection giving you up to 99% UV protection. 

Freshtex - A Fabric designed to remove odor and certain toxins from the air.

Screen - A fabric offering Solar Protection and TV Glare protection.

Antimicrobial - A fabric designed to combat the transfer of germs and disease.

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